LOL Arcane And if Sevika becomes a champion of League of Legends

Among all the characters we have discovered in Arcane, many are those who deserve an adaptation in League of Legends. Some will undoubtedly mention silo, since the head of the barons has an amazing halo that invites you to want to discover how it would be played. However, it is clear that he is not a fighter, which would make him the adaptation of him quite complex. Of course, not all the crack champions are gross that attack before thinking, but the fact is that the series has not shown us anything about it that can assume some concrete skill.

On the contrary, the right hand and armed of it, Erika, has all the necessary features… or at least shows a lot of physical skill on the screen that makes create a skill kit be almost too easy. And that is undoubtedly what inspired a Reddit user when she decided to give birth to the character within League of Legends, as if she was about to become a new champion.

NB: The description of the spells has been translated by us, so the names have been chosen to better transcribe the will of the original author. Likewise, the icons were chosen arbitrarily.

an VI with steroids

Equipped with a passive that ensures its survival and another that guarantees you TRUE DAMAGE, Anyone realizes the Mix of Poppy and VI, as well as a howl that is not very different from Rear, that of Erika would be added without difficulty to the arsenal of fighters who already find their place in the crack. Especially because his ability definitive, halfway between Harbinger and the mechanics of adaptation / evolution of certain vacuum champions, is particularly interested in terms of gameplay.

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