Project L The Baston League of Legends game lasts finally

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More than two years after his last incursion, the League of Legends Combat game returned by the big door with an excerpt from gameplay commented. Project L, Always its temporary title, advance well, according to the day of its executive producer Tom Cannon, even if it will obviously be patient before seeing it hatch.

We have reached a stadium that really rejoices, does he specify camera, while remembering that the video presented is value of VERTICAL SLICE, Understanding a presentation version intended to gauge the viability of the project and the right direction to take. We made it to refine the final appearance of the game, before getting into the heart of the subject and building all the content, like characters and arenas. Our vertical slice can give you the impression that the game is ready, but we still have a lot of work before us. So, although we have made a lot of progress, we will not deliver the game or 2021 nor in 2022. Nevertheless, development teams promise at least two presentations. From the game in the course of next year, the first from the second semester.

Pants reacts to Project L - League of Legends New *Fighting Game* Gameplay Footage

We have almost closed the elements that make a fighting game a game (gameplay, commands, artistic direction, etc.), but we still have to develop a complete cast of champions, design arenas, add the menus and an interface User, create a ranking system, and so on, warns Cannon, who urges players to join the team through the hiring ads posted at Riot.

As can be seen with these extracts putting in the catches Echo, Darius, HRI and Jinx, Project L borrows the path of the tag combat game, with a champions duo to choose and the possibility of benefiting from Assist to extend the combos. Or get out of a compromised situation. We are inevitably promised simple access to the depth, and especially a Encode rollback to ensure a minimum of online game side latency.


Project L — Riot Arcane: Pilot