Bramble The Mountain King Gameplay

Developer Dim frost Studio has published the first gameplay trailer for his coming, Nordic-inspired horror game Bramble: The Mountain King.

After the revelation on the E3, the developers are now ready to take another view of the Gameplay of Bramble and show how it fits into the lush game world.

In Bramble: The Mountain King gives players in the role of a little boy who gets lost together with his big sister in a magical forest. On their journey, they meet Gnome, trolls and other creatures that are inspired by the Nordic folklore and interact with them.

The new gameplay trailer shows a new insight into the world of Bramble and some curious inhabitants of the magical forest and how the players will interact with them on their journey.

Bramble: The Mountain King Screenshots

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The trailer also shows some combat and stealth mechanics of the game as well as environment puzzles, such as: B. navigating a group of small gnome over a dangerous path.

About Bramble: The Mountain King

Bramble: The Mountain King is an adventure / horror game that focuses on atmospheric environments, high-quality graphics, cinematic moments and a loose gameplay. In the course of the game, you go to a journey through the dark world of Bramble, where you meet David against Goliath bosses and explore the Nordic nature and crosses. Meet interesting creatures and experiences a unique world of Nordic fables and fairy tales.


Throws the treacherous country bramble on an emotional journey to find your sister while it reveals the secret of a dark river.
Story-based gameplay with breathtaking cinema moments and David and Goliath boss fight.
Meet mythical creatures like neck, Sonora, trolls and gnomes.

Bramble: The Mountain King -
Explores landscapes and environments that are inspired by Nordic Nature.