Halo Infinite is already beating records in Steam

Halo Infinite The multiplayer mode has only been live for just over a day, but the game is already beating records on the Steam de Valve platform. Specifically, the latest entry into the long-term shooting franchise has been able to accumulate a substantial players base from the beginning, which has led to this is the most successful title of Xbox Game Studios that has been released on the popular platform of PC.

According to Steam graphics data, Halo infinite has been able to accumulate many players on PC since it started the week. Specifically, the peak of players of all times of the game occurred this afternoon when they were playing a little more than 176,000 players. Halo Infinite at the same time in Steam. While this total of simultaneous players still does not compete with some of the most important titles in Steam, when comparing it with the rest of the Xbox Library on the platform, it is already one of the larger publishers games. In fact, Halo infinite has already done enough to break the total number of concurrent players of all time in Steam for a game published by Xbox Game Studios.

Somehow, this is definitely waiting. After all, the multiplayer part of HALO INFINITE was released as a free product, which means that it is easily the most accessible game than Xbox has launched. Still, so that so many players are already submerging in infinite in such a short time is a good augury for their future. In fact, if even a fraction of this number of players are also experiencing the game in the Xbox consoles, then surely already consider it a success for those of 343 industries.

Halo Infinite FPS Fix for PC (no quality loss)
Time Halo Infinite Multiplayer mode is live at this time, the campaign will not reach a couple of weeks. This aspect of the game will be launched on December 8 and, unlike the multiplayer, it will not be free download. However, if you are looking to play multiplayer mode you now, it is available on Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC.

Have you been playing halo infinite for you since your launch yesterday? And if so, how do you feel so far? Share your impressions with me in the comments or send me a message on Twitter a @ mooreman12.