Sherlock Holmes Chapter One A Musa Abroad Tutorial

Lena Haste (born October 3, 1973, in Hamilton, Bermuda) is a British starlet, with movies like Brothers Grimm as well as 300 in addition to with their duties in the television collection Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and also Game of Thrones.

Not long after you have finished your previous main case in Sherlock Holmes chapter one you will be presented with your next, a muse from abroad. After a brief encounter with a stranger on your door in which you have to find out what it is (an actor, sailor dress), they will invite you to the Vogel s art gallery, where your next main case begins. The invitation tells where you should go, the intersection of Bazaar Road and Hermes Avenue in the old city. If you are struggling, it is the largest dark gray square south of your map in the old city. Once between, you will find Vogel that you will ask him to help solve a classic mystery of a closed room.

Go to the gallery until you find ladders coming down and enters the lower gallery. Ignore Jon Parroting with the fishing rod and turns the corner to find your first tracks. Examine the shovel and both games of traces, then open the carbon entry door in front of you. Examine the footprints and scratches at the door to get even more tracks. Now he turns around and returns to the gallery. Examine the coffin to find a handprint, a slightly altered skeleton and a raven that provokes a Jon reference (I bet you can not guess what the reference is about).

Turn 180 degrees and go forward, making sure to examine the two paintings and the bright fungal box as it progresses. None of these actually gives clues, but they reinforce their understanding of some tracks he already has. On the left, while walking forward, I should see a lot of… something smoky. Examine the empty painting frame and the Mall cigarette butt to get more tracks. The last place to examine here is at the end of the empty hall in which it is currently. Use your concentration on the blank wall (make sure you have the vandalism of the lower gallery marked or may not be displayed). You like the paintings look before the vandal ruined everything.

With all the tracks acquired, set the evidence of the lower gallery and you can start a reconstruction of what happened. You must make sure that all the places are occupied by the artist s doll, except the figure next to the stairs, which is supposed to be Vogel by making the worst security raid of history.

Once this is done, you can now go back to tell Vogel what he discovered. The first question will be what the collection below means, but it does not really seem to change anything. Then, you should tell him how interesting he found the case, followed by all the details that he unearthed. Now we have a clue, the artist behind the stolen box is Boniface Mercury. Of course, we also need an address that is not somewhere in the old city.

Go to Chronicle and look for the following while you have Marcus address set to get your address.

[Old City + Celebrities + Recent]

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One A Must abroad — Apartment de Mercury

You will find the Boniface building in the middle of Hermes Avenue, but if you try to enter, they will tell you in unequivocal terms that only residents can enter. Boo. It s time for a classic Sherlock disguise. You can try several sets, including the police, but will not work. What you have to do is go to the market at the end of the street and buy the Bohemian ATU, Messy Hair, Artist s Stubble and Artist s Tan Powder to look like Marcus himself.

With your new disguise applied, talk to the elderly who will give you the spare key. Climb the stairs to discover what mercury is not having a good day. As in any case of murder, start with the body. Examine the surrounding wound, the bloody rags, the knife, his chest and his hand. Next, examine the close desk of it to find a very elegant camera, a broken mirror, a lost knife, a broken bottle and newspapers protruding from a drawer. Once you have finished, look at your feet and take a look at the bloody paint, even if it is only to incite Jon to do your thing.

Examine painting on the bed and paintings on the chest, as well as the collection of alcohol bottles next to the door. You should also go see the dark room to find several interesting photographs. At this point, it is time for reconstruction. Starting through the door, make sure the painter s doll is looking at the chest. Next, you want mercury to hit the figure on the head with a bottle. Then, the next figure should show the figure attacking mercury with a knife while he grabs the paint from it. Finally, the last figure should show the artist s doll trying to wrap cloths around the neck of Oratorio while he bleeds on the floor.

Once this is done, pick up the paint and perform a chemical analysis. You can use the screenshot below if you have problems with this. Once completed, you will have a clean painting, which when it is replaced in the easel will indicate that certain things are missing in the room. First, a skull must be hung on the wall and, secondly, there is a trunk here for some reason. Return to the red room and find the skull hidden around the corner. This will reveal the final track for this area, and it is not fun.

Lower the stairs and talk to the home. You have to choose if you are honest or not with it about what happened, but if you want to complete Jon s challenge, I recommend that you opt for the most discreet approach to stay in the character. In this way, it will give you a decent description of who you are then hunting in the case, the man who holds.

Once outside, visit your mental palace again to get more deduction:

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Walkthrough | PC | Part 1

[The Painter Was Killed in A Fight + The Thief Was Caught By The Painter = Murder Wasn t The Objective]

[Clewing Thief Was A Smoker + Mar curio s Visitor Smoked Mall Cigarettes = The Gallery Thief Was in Mar curio s Flat]

[Photograph of Violation + The Painter s Flat Was Searching = Visitor MIGHT HAVE WANTED THAT Photo]

With the three deductions made, you make a super deduction that the thief of the gallery wanted photography, rather than painting. Then they came to the mercury floor and were killed in self-defense.

Now, to start with the next stage of the case: find the man who holds.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One A Must abroad — The refugee camp

Start by setting the drawing of the African woman. Now look for someone close to African heritage and ask him as he is dressed as a local. You must be informed of a nearby refugee camp, which is the only place on the island where you can find people from the tribe of women. You will have to go to the Victoria Bridge between Saladin and Silverton, so she travels fast to the town hall trip and runs north.

When crossing the bridge, you should see an opening on your right. Follow the stairs down, and you will find people who are simply climbing in the ass. Go and talk with the kind of ugly suit and tell him you re a private investigator. After a brief conversation, you will have the opportunity to observe it. Note the terrible mustache of him, the fact that he is too dressed, his sweaty palms, his shoes clean and the pale skin of him. Next, you can catalog it as a stunned formalist or a tired pen pusher. The first is probably closer to the brand judging by those sweaty palms.

When you press, you should suggest that he can help, and eventually he will agree with you. Ask him about the details of the refugee situation and go to the camp when he is ready. Talk to the police officer when entering and ask for more details about the situation. It seems that a woman shouted, and the refugees jumped into her defense, killing a man in the process. It s time to investigate again.

Once again, start with the corpse. It must be clearly visible from near the first office with which he spoke. Examine the sheet, the wound he made, the tattoo on the victim s neck and boots. Then concentrate on him s hand to finish the exam. It seems that we have found our possible thief and murderer a little later than we would have liked.

Climb the stairs and examine the table with the man s membership on top. Examine money, cover and cigarettes. Now move to your right and examine the broken pots labeled as 3 to discover a broken box and a puddle of blood. Next, examine the place marked with number 4 to find more blood stains and the footprint of a boot. You can also see a bloody handprint marked with a 9 on the nearby wall. Turn 180 and follow the trail of evidence markers, examining as it progresses.

You should find several traces, traditional African jewels and a variety of blood stones. At the end of the way, you should find a man lying on the floor bleeding. Examine it to discover that he is not in good condition. Jon will give you the challenge of helping man. If you want to do so, follow the mini-guide below:

Helping the wounded

First, fix Jon s challenge and return where you came to a large pot. Concentrate on it, and you will find that it is the perfect base for a disinfectant solution. Return to the corpse and concentrate on the nearby plant to discover your Aloe Vera, particularly useful to stop the infection. Turn around the corner to find clean clothes that you can use to bandage the man s wounds.

While you are close to the pants, you can make a hide-listening minister to unlock another Jon challenge. With all that done, enter the evidence file of it and perform a chemical analysis to produce a first aid ointment. The screenshot should help you if you stay stuck. Once you have finished, it simply returns with the refugee and shuck it.

Return to the case. Pin How did the intruder entered the field? And go around the wounded refugee. I should see a point of concentration to look. You should also run back where he spoke with the first office and examine the staircase behind him, and then run to the sewer and examine the grid as well. This refutes several theories about how he entered. With still immobilized tests, return to the main entrance and examine cigarettes on the ground to discover that the police just let man enter. It s time to rebuild.

Starting from the furthest point and moving upwards, it must show man by dragging a woman out of the huts. The second figure must show it stabbing the refugee to which you helped, but make sure it also shows that it drags the woman and does not protect her. Next, show the woman s bracelet falling on her while trying to drag her. The next figure must be the victim that flees, then the next show someone kicking a box under his feet. The last figure with which dealing must show the man stumbling on the river instead of being kicked.

Here you have several options on how to proceed. First, there are some deductions you can ask below:

[The Thug Tried to Drag The Girl Away + The Thug Didn t Hurt The Girl = Attempted Kidnap]
[COAL Footprints + Coal Under Nails = The Same as Gallery Thief]

This should lead you to the conclusion that your man was not a simple thief, but rather a sequacious and a bad guy in all aspects. Now go and talk to Mr. Harlow and share your conclusions. Finally, you can start talking with refugees. If you want to complete Jon s challenge to solve mystery in the camp, follow the mini-guide below.

What is happening in the refugee camp?

Set the challenge and speak with one of the refugees. Make sure that the local icon in the menu of your costume is as full as possible. They will tell you that murky men come to borrow some refugees to carry out forced labor, but that usually accompany him in exchange for food and money. However, a woman was abused, so she since then she is not sent to women. And that s all for it.

Pin the drawing of the girl, dress with your local costume and go talk to the refugee near the huts at the end of the camp. This will give you the opportunity to speak with Neil. Although she is not very excited about your help, she provides you with information about the culprit. Back to the palace of the mind, come on!


Before continuing with the case, talk to the police officer and ask him about the tattoo on the victim s neck. He will inform you about a alleged criminal gang in particular that is probably involved with the…