Happy Chaos is the next fighter to join the Casting Guilty Gear Stream

Arc System Works took advantage of the Red Bull Quite who was held last weekend in Las Vegas to unveil the next character of the first seasonal pass of Guilty Gear: Strive. It will be Happy Chaos, a fighter at least ambivalent and will arrive at the casting cast on November 30 for purchaser of the pass.


It is the original, which discovered the Backyard and taught magic to humanity. After absorbing half of I-NO, he suddenly changed radically. He now wears in him all the hope of humanity to live. (…) The concepts of good and evil are equal for him. It can cause major incidents, but it can also rank on the side of justice. This is presented to us Happy Chaos, the next fighter announced for the first seasonal pass of Guilty Gear: Stream, by Arc System Works. Cryptic, is not it? To get an idea of ​​the style adopted by this Nonchalant Hellish, Mi Age Mi Demon, the best is still to take a look at the trailer broadcast by the studio at the Red Bull Quite held last weekend in Las Vegas.

Video Gamut

Guilty Gear Strive — Happy Chaos Trailer (Season Pass 1)

Happy Chaos will join her Wastage comrades from November 30 for all seasonal pass buyers and December 3 for others. In addition to this ad, Arc System Works unveiled that it will soon introduce a new coquetry: the decoration of its combat lounge with all kinds of cosmetic objects, which it will be possible to acquire against the parts earned at stake. In the fishing mode.

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