Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition Can you use visions in future Connected Epilogue

Enfilade Chronicles always had a unique combat system that felt like a mixture of other games and at the same time introduced his own flair. With the Monaco Hulk can use different skills, but one of the most interesting is the ability to see future visions. With the new version of Enfilade Chronicles: Definitive Edition, fans of the game finally have new content that you can enjoy with a brand-new epilogue. You may start this new epilogue and ask yourself how to use visions. This manual explains whether you can do this.

Can you use visions in future Connected Pilot?

Visions played a big role in the main game of Enfilade Chronicles. This was not only in the history of the case, in the HULK visions from which gets, which will come after touching the Monaco, but also be used quite effectively in the fight.

In the fight, Hulk gets visions as he puts on other enemies. These visions show up when an enemy is just before a greater attack that seriously violates them or their teammates. So this can really help to turn the leaf in the fight by knowing what you sometimes expect a little.

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After completing the history of Enfilade Chronicles, Enfilade Chronicles adds: Definitive Edition a brand-new epilogue that continues the story of Hulk and Media beyond the original game. In this extended epilogue, the gameplay is relatively equal in most areas.

However, one of the big changes is the complete removal of visions in the gameplay. Hulk no longer gets the visions, which means that they need to be trotted in the fight more than ever before and pay attention to all attacks that come themselves. This means that you must pay attention to the health of your teammates to protect all before they can be defeated with strong attacks of the opponent.

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