VIP Customers How to decorate Socrates Totakeke Tom Nook Cinnamon and Company at Animal Crossing New Horizons

Happy Home Paradise is the first (and last) expansion of payment of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and has a hidden functionality: we can decorate the houses of the different game characters, including Socrates, Totaled, Cinnamon, Tom Nook and company. Virtually all the characters that appear in the Amino letters can be invited to archipelago paradise as VIP clients, and we can offer them a vacation residence that we will decorate.

We remember that, yes, to access this content we will need the animal Crossing DLC: New Horizons.

If you have already done with this downloadable content, on the next page we will explain everything you need to know about How to invite the Characters of the Game to the Paradise Archipelago and decorate your holiday residences.

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What characters can be invited to Archipelago Paris in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
How to unlock the VIP client function in paradise archipelago
How to invite characters to Archipelago Paris?

What characters can be invited to Archipelago Paradise at Animal Crossing: New Horizons

We can invite as VIP clients to any animal crossing character that has a amino or amino chart.

Once the option is unlocked, we will have to use the amino letters or the amigos to invite the characters to the paradise archipelago and get the option to decorate their holiday residences. This means that we will have to have these objects to unlock this option within the game.

This means that, in addition to all the neighbors of the game, the characters that we can invite Archipelago paradise are:


Introducing Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Happy Home Paradise
Al and PACA
Pile and Mile
Rest T. ADO
Tend and Lenddo
Tom Nook.
Innocence and Vigil

Form T. ADO

Dr. Site
CTI Benny

How to unlock VIP client function in paradise archipelago

Before you can invite any of these characters to ARCHIPELAGO Paradise, we will have to unlock that option. For that, we will have to have begun to play the DLC, and have obtained a work with Núria. When we have decorated seven houses, an amino reader will come to the office that we can use for bring any neighbor to the island with his amino card.

However, if we try to scan any of the album or amino cards of the characters that are not neighbors, such as Socrates or Tom Nook, a message will be skipped by notifying that we still can not invite VIP clients.

To unlock the option of inviting VIP clients we will have to have remodeled 20 houses. After doing so, Núria will offer us an ascent and, even though the game does not explicitly notify us, we can scan the amigos of Totaled, Rest T. ADO and company.

Once we have achieved this, we will only have to approach the Amino reader and scan the Amino or Amino Letter from our favorite character. Any of the versions of the same character will help us to unlock it in the game.

After scanning, we will chat with the character and choose the location of the house, as we would with any other character.

Other things you need to know about the VIP client option

At the moment, there is no way to invite VIP clients without having amino or amino cards.

When we scan Camilo s Amino, he will automatically invite CJ to live with him, and vice versa.

The houses of VIP clients are of free theme, so we can decorate them to our liking, without any obligatory object. Nor will they give us new objects for the HAPPY Home Paradise catalog. In some cases, we will unlock the photograph of the character in question if we had not yet obtained it.

When we finish decorating the houses, we can visit the characters when we want, as we would do with any other neighbor. The characters that, in the main game, sell us things, will not offer this option when they are in paradise archipelago.