Power Rangers Battle for the Grid Poisandra and Gravezord announced as a new character

Developer Away announces that Sandra, the next character from Season 4, will appear in Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid on 16 November. However, she will not move in the fight alone.

The 65 million-year-old Sandra is a deadly mix of sugar and spices and destroys their opponents with sweets hidden sweets and a heart-shaped lance with several hits. Although she is not really evil, Sandra and her old husband Sledge may have contributed to the extinction of the dinosaurs. But as a scrupulous mercenary, they have already run away the rangers several times. When it comes hard on hard, Sandra can even call Sledge for help to get air or to lead a devastating tag team blow.

In addition to Sandra, the legendary graveyard is also included in the game. This mighty word, which appeared for the first time in Satan Comic Go Power Rangers 9, was scattered from the parts of damaged and destroyed words from the world of chinless. When it is unleashed, the graveyard fills the screen with the devastation of its blade shocks and energy seeds.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid - Official Poisandra Trailer
Look at the trailer for Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid — Sandra and Graveyard: