The Last of US Studio Naughty Dog allegedly works on a new IP with a black main character

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The Developer Studio Naughty Dog is just heavily busy with the development of all titles. In addition to a The Last of US 2 -Multiplayer and a PS5 remake to The Last of US should the team work on a whole new game, which is neither too Uncharted nor to the last of US belongs. An insider betrays more to the rumor.

New IP by Naughty Dog

The Last of Us Remake Confirmed!? (Naughty Dog)

On Twitter, Ralphsvalve announces that Naughty Dog s new project is associated with a new IP. The main character should be a character with a dark skin color:

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Link to Twitter content

The rumor was school: This info coincides with a rumor three years ago, after which the developer studio has searched for a man with dark skin color as character template for a new video game.

In addition, Sony in April 2018 in a job ad was looking for a Lead Gameplay Animator for an unannounced Third Personal Action Adventure. It could also be the game with new IP.

Can we trust the insider? According to comic book, Ralphsvalve is a reliable source, as its rumors set in the world have been confirmed in retrospect from others. The previous rumors also speak a similar language. The latest rumors of Ralphsvalve currently circulate a possible GTA 4-remake and Call of Duty 2022.

The Gamer team will ask Naughty Dog if something is on the current rumors. As soon as the developer studio issues a statement, this article will be updated.

Nevertheless, we should enjoy this info with caution. It may still be that Naughty Dog changes his plans, even if they match the current rumors.

All rumors to coming projects from Naughty Dog can be found in our Gamer overview:

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That could come as a new IP

The new title will probably be a completely new brand. According to rumors, Naughty Dog works on a project with the Work Title Stray s Cross, a First Personal Action Adventure in a steampunk setting. As the main characters, a former scientist and a wanted, criminal man serve here. Maybe this could be the man with dark skin color.

What kind of game would you like to see from Naughty Dog?