Free and offer games for this weekend Ghost Recon Breakpoint and more

A new weekend, a new window of opportunities to discover other adventures. Between November 5 and 7 You will see a selection of free and offer games. In this piece we will tell you the most outstanding ones.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint in PlayStation, Xbox and PC

Ubisoft allows you to enter the full version of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint for a limited time. Until November 7 you can play without restrictions of any kind. Once you finish your progress will remain saved until you decide to take the jump. In the Xbox version you will need a subscription to Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game PBreakpoints Ultimate.

Download the free weekend of Ghost Recon Breakpoint in PS4 and PS5
Download the Ghost Recon Breakpoint Ghost Week at Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S (Gold Subscription is required)
Download the free weekend of Ghost Recon Breakpoint in PC (Ubisoft Connect)
Download the free weekend of Ghost Recon Breakpoint in PC (Epic Games Store)

Free Weekend Trailer | Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Aven Colony for PC

Epic Games Store remains offering free games with your weekly promotion. Aven Colony is chosen by Americans during the current cycle. You can redeem it until next November 11 at 5:00 p.m. (CET). Once you do, you will be ligated forever in your digital library.

Download Free Colony Aven for PC in Epic Games Store

Animal Shelter: Prologue for PC

Have you ever wanted to direct your own refuge of abandoned animals and rescued? Games Incubator gives you that possibility. Take care of those who arrive, cural, keep them attended and see first-hand the fruit of your work. Breakpoint you go progressing in the adventure you can expand your refuge with new facilities. Your goal? Make them find a family.

Free download Animal Shelter: Prologue for PC


Xbox offers three free titles for Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game PBreakpoints subscribers : Warhammer Vermintide II, Street Power Soccer and the aforementioned Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Remember that you must be an active member of one of the two discussed subscriptions to be able to access them. All progress you make will be saved in your profile, including achievements. If you give the step to buy it, you will continue from the point where you left it.

Download Warhammer Vermintide II for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S (Gold required)

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Download Street Power Soccer for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S (Gold)

The best deals on PlayStation, Xbox and more


Spyro Reignited Trilogy for 13.99 euros (65% discount)
CrBreakpointh Team Racing Nitro-Fueled for 15.99 euros (60% discount)
CrBreakpointh Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy for 19.99 euros (50% discount)
Saints Row: The Third RemBreakpointtered for PS5 and PS4 for 13.99 euros (60% discount)
Shadow of the colossus for 19.99 euros (50% discount)


Guacamelee! 2 full for 5.62 euros (75% discount)
Frostpunk: Complete Collection for 20.24 euros (55% discount)
LEGO DC Super-Villains: Deluxe Edition for 18.74 euros (80% discount)
LEGO STAR WARS: The awakening of the Deluxe Edition Force for 17.99 euros (80% discount)
Valentino Rossi The Game for 2.99 euros (85% discount)

PC (Steam)

Hitman 2: Gold Edition for 17.99 euros (80% discount)
State of Mind for 1.99 euros (90% discount)
Wreckfest for 11.99 euros (60% discount)
Arizona Sunshine for 9.89 euros (67% discount)
Breathedge for 16.24 euros (35% discount)