Xbox ALL Access Financing Model for Xbox Series X S starts today in Germany

Xbox Game Pass is a registration service established by Microsoft for use with Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S computer game gaming consoles, and with individual computer systems with Windows 10. Referred to as the Netflix of videogames, the Xbox Game Pass It allows customers to access a catalog of games of various content for a single monthly membership rate. The solution was introduced on June 1, 2017, while the Xbox Live Gold customers received priority access on May 24.

Microsoft has announced that Xbox ALCCESS is also available in Germany from today s 2nd November. First, it will only be available with a retailer, later follow. So far, All Access was already available in some other countries, including the US or Sweden, but for a long time, rumors had given an introduction in German space.

What is Xbox ALL Access? It is a subscription / financing model with which you get an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S and a 24-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership for a fixed monthly payment. The credit agreement, which was on the basis of 24 months, runs for more than 24 months, after which you can keep the console.

The two xbox all access options

Overall, two options for choice are available for Xbox ALCCESS, which differ in the console contained therein and by price.

1.) Xbox ALL ACCESS with Series S

Xbox Series S
24 months Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
Costs: € 24.99 per month (term 2 years)

2.) Xbox ALL ACCESS with Series X

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Xbox Series X
24 months Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
Costs: € 32.99 per month (term 2 years)

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If you compute the monthly costs, the total amount of 599.76 Euro for the Series S package or 791.76 Euro for the Series X package. If one would buy the consoles and membership individually, the following sums come out:

299,99 Euro (Series S) + 311.76 Euro (24 months Ultimate) = 611,75 Euro
499,99 Euro (Series X) + 311.76 Euro (24 months Ultimate) = 811,75 Euro

Xbox ALL ACCESS saves you so scarce 12 or 20 euros in direct comparison. Here, however, it should also be pointed out that the price for the Ultimate subscription from the standard price of 12.99 euros are assumed and this part is also significantly cheaper. So the saving of all access is not really tremendous, but always guarantees direct access to a console, which is still still very difficult to get.

Here you get her Xbox ALCCESS

From November 2, Xbox ALL ACCESS is only available in the branches and the online shop of Cyberport.de. In the future, the packages should also be available with other retailers, 2022 the starting signal also falls in Austria and Switzerland.

What do you say about Xbox ALCCESS: Will you use the offer?