PS plus November 2021 One of the VR

This short article provides present as well as forthcoming games for the PlayStation virtual reality headset.There are 667 titles on this page.

Sony has announced the PS plus games for November 2021 on yesterday evening. It is unusual that holders of membership in the coming month will not get less than three PSVR games that are considered a bonus to add to the usual three free games for PS4 and PS5. The bonus games for PlayStation VR are the Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, The Persistence and Until You Fall.

Even though PlayStation VR has been sold several million times in recent years, not every one of the 47.2 million PS plus subscribers has such glasses with which they can embeed themselves in foreign worlds. That is, for these players, the free games for PSVR are quite useless.

However, there is an exception: How Gamerant stresses, The Persistence is the Complete Edition published after the original launch. This offers a decisive advantage: In addition to the campaign + and other game modes, it also includes the option to play the track without playstation VR on your head. The Non-VR version was already published in the past May with a free update.

In The Persistence, you meet procedures generated game sections that change with every playing and create a labyrinth-like experience. On the normal display you can enjoy them with HDR.

PSVR games well with PSVR 2.0 compatible

The PSVR games that are made available in the coming week via PlayStation Plus, apparently accompany you in the new VR generation. PlayStation VR 2.0 could conquer the market for the PS5 for the PS5 in the coming year.

Игры PS PLUS Ноябрь 2021
Other messages to PSVR 2.0:

Sony Plant AAA hybrid games – rumor
unconfirmed details about the screen, resolution and more

Today, the rumor germined that the new model also supports the games of the first PSVR generation. Among other things, PSU reports with a reference to a resetera insider.

However, most players should assume anyway that currently available VR games can be tackled with the PS5 headset. After all, almost all PS4 games are compatible with the PS5 – also PSVR games. However, it is open how the games harmonize with the new controllers.

Other messages on PlayStation Plus, The Persistence.