First Class Trouble Xbox Release Date Comes First Class Trouble on Xbox

Since the game appears in November 2021 on PlayStation Plus, Xbox players are curious if there will also be an Xbox publication by First Class Trouble. The detective-based multiplayer game has been refined and improved during its early access phase on the PC, but with the full release of the game it will also appear for the console.

Your destination in First Class Trouble is to close the Central Artificial Intelligence Network (Cain) either as a resident or personoid. If you are a person, you need to find out by inquiries and information search whom you can trust. But if you are a personoid, it s your job to kill the remaining residents and secure control of the ship on which they are.

Continue reading to learn more about the Xbox release of First Class Trouble and what Versus Evil and Invisible Walls said about the game, which will come to these platforms in the future.

First-class problems xbox

From now on, No publication date for First Class Trouble Xbox mentioned.

The Official Twitter account of the game only mentions that the game for PC and PlayStation appears. So you should not expect an Xbox release date for First Class Trouble.

The game could appear on the whole line on Xbox as soon as Invisible Walls has brought the PC and PlayStation versions to the market. However, one should expect 2022 at the earliest.

PlayStation Plus Monthly Games - PS4 & PS5 - November 2021

This covers everything we know about an Xbox release from First Class Trouble. If you are looking for more multiplayer games for Microsoft consoles, take a look at some of the best Xbox Series X games and best 2-player Xbox games.