Virtual Youta Corone appeared the day s horror game

Lee Jung-eun (Oriental: 이정은; born January 23, 1970) is a South Korean starlet. She is best understood internationally for her role as the caretaker Moon-gwang in the Academy Honor winning movie Parasite.

In Korea, it was popular among horror-game mania, Indie game Lee Eun-day (Own: Tsuganohi) series new work was revealed. I also had a new kid and a new Kids and a child, and this time, this time, it is a combinely known Virtual Youtuberginu Gami Corrone, a well-known virtual Yuwi Bower.

Game titles are ambassadors nose Ro Reaper (邪神) shall mean a ghost or evil spirit called a disaster. This day series is a representative of the Indie Game Developer Asian (ImCyan), is a story-centric horror game. The main character whom the main character in the strange event covers a specific place or distance, dealing with the process of releasing the secrets, and the play is similar, it deals with new materials every series. Stimulates fear with unique strange graphics and stories.

The new Cosolone, which is announced this time, is the same. The hero who lived in a normal lives, finds a signed sign that is drawn on the Lake, Innugami Konori, which appears in the game, has a Japanese virtual Youtuber Group Holo Live, the appearance is cute, but he had a taste of Gotesque to the four-dimensional personality.

Coronne is released on November 8th, and supports English and Japanese.