Snowboard game Shredders comes next year

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Anyone who wanted to rise to the board this year must be patient. Shredders appears only to the end of the winter.

The last winter season has unfortunately largely the Corona pandemic to fallen victim. But online is always the best powder snow for carving and tricks. However, there would also have to give the appropriate games and actually the snowboard game announced on the E3 2021 snowboard game Shredders for the Xbox Series X / S should appear. Unfortunately, nothing becomes known as the developers of Fampunch recently announced.

Shredders should now be launched worldwide in February 2022. Reasons for the shift were not specified. The snowboard fans among you, so you still have to wait a little until you finally get back over Rails and in the halfpipe a 540 °. However, however, nothing has changed to the platform plans. The game first appears exclusively for the Xbox Series X / S and is available from day 1 to in the Xbox Game Pass. Later further systems are served. Which ones will be, the Swedish-Belgian developer has not yet revealed.

By the way, has been known for some time what prominent snowboarders support the developers with their expertise. These include Marcus Kleveland and Jill Perkins. All other athletes who are on board in Shredders can be viewed here:

We Are Super Stoked to Announce The Pro Snowboarders Joining US for Shredders! Get Lost in The Back Country and Steaze As Many Jumps As You Can, But Above All Else Have A Flippin Amazing Time Shredding! ???? pic.twitter.com/lso3g4erqk

  • Shredders (@shreddersgame) August 14, 2021