XBox Scalper Switching console to new coveted hardware

At least since the release of the Next-Gen consoles, Scalper are a constant problem for gamers – now they have not only on the Xbox Series X, but also Microsoft s mini-refrigerators.

Update from 21 October 2021:

XBox: Scalper have a new goal

It s already with the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X extreme: Since there are currently not enough consoles on the market, Scalper often buy as many copies as possible with programs as possible to sell them as much as possible .

Even before the Xbox Series X mini refrigerator you do not scare back – not only in the US, but also in Germany you will find already heavily overpriced offers on eBay.

We recommend that you do not fall to this stitch . Microsoft plans to expand regional availability in 2022. The recent offer was merely the first wave of pre-orders. So it s assuming that there will be more opportunities to secure you a copy.

Original contribution from 18 October 2021:

What started about a year ago due to the form with a viral meme is now reality. From tomorrow you can pre-order a Xbox Series X refrigerator – a replica of the console.

Small and ideal for the desk

The big brother of the mini-refrigerator is 1.50 meters tall, weighs 180 kilos and was a gift to stars and asterisks. Now Xbox announces the mini version of the device and thus holds the promise that the company had given within the scope of the E3. On-time The Xbox Series X Replica Mini-Fridge appears to the holidays for everyone.

The project was created during a cooperation with Ukonic! And is completely the original console modeled. The mini fridge includes up to 12 doses of your favorite drinks and has two shelves in the door so that you also have snacks. At the front of the device is a USB port for charging devices. Of course, the right adapter must not be missing so that your mini fridge works on the way.

Im summer, Xbox announced the fridge and now it is true:

Scalpers Are Somehow Getting Worse...
Where can you buy the Xbox refrigerator and how much does he cost?

Also in this country Xbox fans do not have to wait for the product long. The Xbox mini refrigerator goes to advance this month and will be available worldwide from December 2021. The first wave of production should be available in Germany at Gamestop for 99 euros .

If you are not lucky at the first wave, you have to wait for you to 2022. Xbox wants to expand regional availability, subject to official permits and restrictions.

The Xbox Series X Replica Mini Fridge Thermoelectric Cooler should pre-order from 19 October 2021 at Gamestop .

(Source: Xbox)

The Xbox Series S is now cheaper:

XBox Series S 512GB

Now from 289,00 € at Amazon

The price may be higher now. Price from 24.10.2021 05:02

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