Thavnair Garlemald and also New Sharlayan Endwalker Media Excursion Image Scenic tour

During the Endwalker media tour preview event, creators and press were admitted to numerous new areas that will certainly be offered upon the Final Fantasy 14 expansion s release. Specifically, we could check out Thavnair, Garlemald, and the new gamer base, New Sharlayan.

We had lots of time to discover these brand-new areas and see what was in shop for us. Actually, we were practically encouraged to do so. Notably, these areas were pretty a lot low-level, as in accessible by level 63 personalities. Throughout a presentation, supervisor Naoki Yoshida shared that there will certainly be 6 such areas in total amount.

Now that we have the ability to share our searchings for, below s a quick preview of each of the brand-new FFXIV areas we were permitted to wander in.


A place only mentioned and pointed to for several expansions, even with the Professional dancer task story, Thavnair seems to take influence from numerous South Oriental as well as Center Eastern cultures.

FFXIV: Thavnair Zone Tour - Media Tour 2021

Yedlihmad, judging by the contextual hints I discovered, will likely be where the Warrior of Light as well as their buddies disembark upon getting to Thavnair.

The Magnum opus, among the 3 significant aetheryte shelters in Thavnair, will certainly exist right by the first brand-new dungeon of the expansion.

Palaka s Stand additionally shows up to be a quit along your journey through this beautiful region, bearing yet one more aetheryte, and a small, charming village (or profession stop?) at that.


For all the buzz that s been collected, you might be stunned to learn that Garlemald will not be, truthfully, that big of a location. Nevertheless, for its little dimension, it loads fairly a bit of world-building. Currently, we can see the city itself looks like a modern-day one; straying throughout, I discovered vehicles, parks, and plenty a lot more. Ends up, normal people in an evil realm still want typical points. Unfortunate to say, I did not discover the Garlean DMV.

Under the city is Tertium, which is what can only be thought to be a previous train terminal. There is also one more abandoned one outside the city. Here, refugees appear to capture their breath.

Out in the areas, an enormous oil gear, for what I presume is ceruleum, brings energy right into the city. Offered Garleans can not cast magic, they require all the energy they can get.

And finally, it shows up the Grand Alliance has grabbed a small settlement, calling it Camp Broken Glass.

Old Sharlayan

Ultimately, welcome to Old Sharlayan! The Aetheryte Plaza rests right over the Scholar s Harbor to welcome you into the city appropriate, best in the center of all the vital city affair components (and also conveniently near to a residential area).

Yes, this fountain, called The Scholar, does simply keep going. However for you Group Posers out there, this is the very best angle I could handle of it, so handle your expectations.

The Noumemon is a lovely, relatively never-ending collection that was meant during the Endwalker trailer. With any luck we discover something valuable right here …

Finally, to end the tour, a surprise: This is really the estate of the Leveilleur household. The only NPCs that I discovered really did not expose much story, yet you could enter it as well as explore the key halls of the initial as well as 2nd floorings. What will be visiting for?

We have a fuller video trip readily available of Old Sharlayan, consisting of some more lovely insides!

This article is based on play of an in-development construct of FINAL FANTASY XIV : Endwalker , as well as material in the last variation is subject to alter. .