It is informed that the Xbox game of Hideo Kojima reveals new details

Game developers, also called game developers or Game Developer, are persons or companies dealing with the development of computer or video games. They are to be distinguished from game authors, ie persons designing board games. Companies that develop computer games are also called a developer studio.

In recent months, reports and rumors have circulated that the famous Game Developer Hideo Kojima is currently in the early stages of work in a new project with Xbox. While a formal announcement from Kojima and Xbox with respect to this collaboration has not yet come to light, thanks to a new report, it seems that now we have a better idea of ​​what stage this potential project is. Unfortunately, assuming that this report is accurate, it seems that it could still take a long time until the game is announced itself.

According to a new article by GamesBeat, Xbox is still trying to close a deal with Kojima and Kojima Productions to work on a new game in the future. When we heard for the last time about the state of this project a few months ago, it was said that Kojima had simply signed a letter of intent to work with Xbox. And while that was an important milestone in the ongoing conversations between Kojima and Xbox, it was still necessary to reach a formal agreement. At this time, it seems that this agreement has not yet been reached.

Meanwhile, it is said that Xbox is trying to learn from some of his other associations to better report this next project with Kojima. Specifically, it is said that Xbox is collaborating with Studio Mainframe at this time on a cloud-based MMO that could be reproduced on several different platforms. In the past, Kojima has expressed interest in cloud technology, specifically when it comes to developing new games. As such, supposedly Xbox hopes to be able to begin better to learn how to work with developers when it comes to using the technology in the cloud offered by Microsoft. As the company learns better how to implement this function in future projects, maybe Kojima feels influenced to sign a formal agreement to work with Xbox.

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