Vampyr gets a surprise update from PS5 and Xbox Series X

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If you ve never played vampiro before or if you want to play the game again in a different way, now it s one of the best moments to do it. That s because dontnod entertainment announced this week that vampiro has surprisingly received an update to function better in the PlayStation 5 consoles, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The best graphics are the highlight of the update, according to the details shared by the developer , and the patch is already ready on all new platforms. In addition to that, the game itself is currently for sale with a fairly considerable discount available on almost all platforms in which you can play.

Dontnod Entertainment and Focus Home Interactive announced the plans for the next-generation update (or current generation, for now) in the Social Accounts this week. Unlike most games that have their performance updates for the newer consoles before their launch, nothing was said about it. Vampyr s in advance, what in fact turned it into a surprise for the owners of the game.

We have a surprise for you … A vampyr patch has just left live! ????

With an improved game performance in next-generation consoles, you can now visit Victorian London plagued by up to 1440p and 60 fps! Will you save your citizens or feed you from those who promised to heal? ???? pic.twitter.com/qev9hzm5w2.

  • Vampyr Game (@vampyrgame) October 20, 2021

Like most other updates, this is free if you already have vampiro . It also improves the graphics in PlayStation 4 Pro in addition to the newer consoles. Along with the announcement of the update, an update progress was shared and more details on how different consoles would work.

With the free update, players can enjoy the glorious 60fps and 1440P game at PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, the creators said. «1440p will also be available at PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox Series S.»

If you do not have vampire and now you are more interested in trying it on one of the newer consoles, you re in luck. That s because the game is on sale in the PlayStation and Xbox markets. It is available for $ 9.99 through the store of each platform, and if that sounds like a pretty low price, it is because it is certainly. It is a $ 30 discount considering that the game normally costs $ 39.99, which makes it a good offer. The game is also listed at the same price in Steam at this time, although that version did not receive a performance update. The Nintendo Switch version is the only one that is not on sale.