How many users does Xbox Game Pass have More than in the past but Microsoft plays the mystery

The Xbox is a game console developed by Microsoft, which is largely based on easily modified PC components. The success of the game console caused the establishment of the Xbox of the same name. The Xbox was first published on 15 November 2001 in the US, then on February 22, 2002 in Japan and on 14 March 2002 in Europe. The start titles were u. A. Halo: Battle for the Future, Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding, Dead Or Alive 3, Project Gotham Racing and Oddworld: Munch s Oddysee. The Xbox was known for the usual size and weight through PCs and was the first console with a built-in hard disk. Your successor was the Xbox 360 at the end of 2005.

Xbox Game Pass has changed our way of consuming videogames. The subscription service of Microsoft is still up-line, offering new additions every month and exclusive of the company from the first day of its launch, both for Xbox series X | S and PC.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the last figure that officially confirmed from Microsoft stays short to this day. Many months have passed from those 18 million , but Phil Spencer , Xbox s head, does not move from there. This time it has been in a talk during an event from The Wall Street Journal where they have mentioned the possible ones 30 million subscribers that would have the service at this time and, on this occasion, it has stopped envelope that there is a one Greater figure to be announced.

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We will announce another number at some time Phil Spencer, Chief of Xbox we have to stay in our latest public number, which is 18 million subscribers, he says. We will announce another number at some point, but right now we are focused on dealing with the great demand both on the part of the creators and by the players.

The question comes from a statement that a few weeks ago Strauss Zelnick , Executive Director of Take-TWO, who escaped the thirty million million in front of Spencer himself, which had to be kept in official posture of the.

While we are waiting to know the official data, Xbox Game Pass continues to grow by offering new titles with its subscription. In Microsoft they have not closed the door that the service reaches more consoles apart from Xbox, and on mobile it can already be enjoyed through Xbox Cloud Gaming, the company s cloud game service.