Epic Games will publish the next games of Eyes Out and Spry Fox

Epic Games has signed a publication agreement to launch the upcoming games of Spry Fox (Triple Town, Road Not Taken, Cozy Grove) and Eyes Out , the study formed by Cory Davis, Spec designer Ops: The Line, and Robin Flk, Nine Inch Nails guitarist.

These two new studies are joined to the list of equipment that have signed with EPIC since its publication plan was announced, at the beginning of last year. It was then when it was announced that it would be EPIC that would finance and publish the new Playdead (Limbo, Inside), GeneDeign (The Last Guardian) and Remedy (Control, Alan Wake).

From Spry Fox we have played more than one thing around here: The last thing was Cozy Grove, but before that they were Road Not Taken or the extraordinary Triple Town. The project with EPIC, made in Unreal Engine, is a persistent non-violent multiplayer designed to promote friendship and reduce loneliness in the world, according to the study itself.

What you are going to do eyes out we know less, although your collaboration with EPIC has already a time. In 2019, the Fortnite company financed a prototype that I wanted to be the first Eyes Out project; Today we know that it is a game of cosmic terror for a player and that it should be a sample of the study ambitions, which wants to combine interactivity and sound to create synesthetic and immersive experiences.

Spec Ops: The Line Interview with Cory Davis

In this case, Multiplaforma is talked about, as if there were fears with a possible exclusivity at the Epic Games Store.