Netmarble Seven Nights 2 2 new characters update

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He knows no grace (original title: Revenger) is a South Korean action movie from 2018. Director led Lee Seung-Won. The script comes from Bruce Khan, who also plays the lead role. For Lee it is the first directorial work and for Khan the first lead role. The film started on December 6, 2018 in the South Korean cinemas and was published internationally on 15 January 2019 on Netflix.

Netmarble (representative, Lee Seung Won) said it has updated the new legendary plus hero multiple chain Kyle , a new legend hero Seal Kagura on the 22nd Mobile MMORPG Seven Knights 2.

Multiple Chain Kyle (Kyle) is an attack type nearby hero, a gorgeous and powerful skill using a chain. Kyle is a hero of assassinating a great deal of damage to the opponent, and during the enemy treatment, the assassin concept that can minimize his damage hiding from the enemy attack through the gastrointestinal effect.

The remites of the seal (chief of the seal) is a supported hero that grants a debuff that increases the damage to the universal hero of the opponent in PVP, and the attack power is the highest attacker s ultimate gauge at a time.

Tournament cein was also opened for a top 1,000 duel. Users who entered the Cesa Cup may configure three teams with heroes held. The battle automatically proceeds in a way that the three sets set up continuously. Even if you have not entered the Cesin Cup, you can get the ranking and compensation through cheering .