Thanks Cristiano Ronaldo Solskjaer in the continuous loop

His permanent grinding saying with the Germans who always win at the end of a football game, Gary Lineker has finally entitled to rest to England s EM-Oxelifinal. On Wednesday evening, England s most famous football surge tweeted his mustard to a topic that has long since become a permanent loop.

Every time you think that Ole s hands are slipped from the wheel, he gets it – from nothing – somehow to grab again, Lineker digitally suited to the head after Manchester United despite 0: 2 residue still against Atalanta Bergamo had won.

until it is no longer different

Since the Norwegian has taken over the tax ( The Wheel ) in December 2018, the same process seems to start from scratch again and again. First, the Red Devils stumble a few games in a row, so that the leave of absence Solskjaers seems to be hardly avoided. Until she will gain an incredible way again an important game and pull the head of her trainer from the sling.

However, this recurring process does not just ask fans the question: What is this Manchester United? About it is not even the technical world agreed. We played well, Solskjaer claimed himself about the 0: 2 lost first half against Atalanta, who found his former fellow player Paul Scholes extremely worrying – and did not want to imagine how it looked like this about Liverpool.

On the other hand, Rio Ferdinand, another expert and another former teammate, kept the successful catch-up for the best possible game that can be done in a weekend. From whistles for a break, cheer calls had become after closing whistle, and both had somehow been entitled.

Some flaps, some not, Bruno Fernandes explained the wild scattering of his passports, which stood symbolic for the game of Red Devils. Between genius and madness. Under Solskjeer, in a sense, individuality and happy coincidences will rely on, making most coaches in modern soccer as possible as possible. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. This is Manchester United in October 2021.

Now United has to score in series

What happens when the cameras stop filming Rio Ferdinand and Gary Lineker - BT Sport

While whistling, sometimes cheering fans who were not quite uninvolved by their mood at the comeback in Old Trafford, Solskjaer went to his next exemption. You know that you are better than that, the 48-year-old turned in the direction of all beyond the singing section ; Criticism of Cristiano Ronaldos game, if this does not have the ball, he joined even more determined.

If someone criticizes him for his commitment and commitment, he should look at this game, Solskjaer defended his matchwinner – although he should be clear to him, that now three, four games could follow, which he should not lead to no longer than example. Problematic: The coming opponents are called Liverpool, Tottenham, again Atalanta and Manchester City. Only a triumph could not be enough to the coach with 100 lives.