Hansa Rostock reacts to ACAB banner

Football second division FC Hansa Rostock has announced after the criticism of a fan banner in the home game against the SV Sandhausen stricter measures against the Ultras of the Association.

We will significantly tighten the control of banners, said CEO Robert Mary s Image newspaper. It must be completely incomprehensible for all that such critical banners are in any respective crossings.

The 40-year-old condemned the banners in the Sandhausen game of fans in the Baltic Sea Stadium with the inscription: One less, ACAB !!! The abbreviation stands for All Cops Are Bastards (all policemen are bastards). The statement refers to the death of a Hamburg police officer, which, according to the Police Union Hamburg, had died after a nocturnal stress exercise at a course in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern at the age of 24 years.

We are currently about everything we ve caught up with the ass in recent years, within a few weeks, criticized Marien in the picture sharp. Each must be clear that such issues represent a huge image damage and provide dangerous restlessness, which is subsequently transferred to the Robert Maryy area sometime.

As a member association, the FC Hansa wools that our members and fans are involved and actively shaped, emphasized Marien. But: Who shapes, at the same time contributes responsibility. If you do not live up to this responsibility, that inevitably also has consequences.

Suspect found

As the club announced on Wednesday, video material of the house rights area was spotted among other things. A person was identified, which was brought into close connections with the incident, it says in a message.

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According to Hansa Rostock, the findings have already been communicated to the national police and forwarded the material to the competent authorities. In addition, the association initiated a stadium proceedings against the person concerned.