Why does Michael Myers can not die in Halloween movies

Halloween Kills is an American horror movie of director David Gordon Green from 2021. The film started on October 15, 2021 in US cinemHalloween Ends. It is a continuation of Halloween from 2018 and around the twelfth part of the Halloween film series.

Without Michael Myers there is no Halloween movie. That is one of the most plausible reHalloween Endsons why the antagonist of the films hHalloween Ends never died at all. The truth is that there are several theories about it, but nothing that explains officially the reHalloween Endsons why Myers always survive . Laurie Strode managed to tear her head in H20, but that story is no longer part of the Halloween Kills History line, the most recent tape.

It s Time to Face Your Fear. Michael Myers is Coming Home. Halloweenkills is now in theaters & streaming only on @peacocktv.

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Theories about the eternal life of Michael Myers

In an interview with IGN, the director of the new films, Gordon Green, confirms that it is not a supernatural entity, but Myers is capable of performing spectacular actions. He considers that he is worth fear to transcend the character and sow terror throughout the city . At that point, he seems to suggest the existence of a curse, but it does not come into more details. In the novel version, they say in Sensacine, it is said that Michael Myers sees the ghost of a disabled child, who encourages him to continue mHalloween Endssacring. This lets you glimpse the possibility that this version of the killer is not human exactly.

More supernatural is the Halloween 6 version, a demonic sect that introduced Thorn s daemon into the body of Michael Myers for Avoid death and illness . In this cHalloween Endse, possession is what pounds him of death and allows him to perform completely supernatural movement. When Thorn s constellation appears in the firmament, the child kills the whole family of him. On the other hand, this curse is linked to the druids and the Halloween party.

Anyway, the argument line of the cult wHalloween Ends not successful and hHalloween Ends been buried in the new films. Will Michael Myers die on Halloween Kills? We will discover it on October 22, but given that there is Halloween Ends , which will be releHalloween Endsed by 2022, there are few hopes that the killer is buried forever. Laurie Strode hHalloween Ends a few nightmares still.