The Dying Light update for PS5 and Xbox Series X should be launched soon

Before the launch of Dying Light 2 In early 2022, the Techland developer recently revealed that he plans to carry the original luz moribunda to the platforms PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X in the near future. While this game can now be played on both next-generation platforms through compatibility with earlier versions, Techland will soon launch a new patch that could be updated. Luxury moribunda for next generation hardware. And while the news about the specific details of this patch has not yet been revealed to the public, it seems that the update could be implemented in the very close future.

In recent days, the ESRB, which is the video game classification table of North America, added a new classification for Luxury moribunda in PS5 and Xbox Series X. Like the other version of the game in many other hardware parts, Again it has received an M rating, which is not a surprise at all. However, the fact that the ESRB has even qualified the game at all at this time seems to suggest that the next-generation update in question will arrive quite soon. Usually, the new ratings like this only end up reaching the ESRB website once the release date is imminent.

While Techland has not yet revealed when this patch of PS5 and Xbox Series X for luz moribunda will be launched live, it has already been previously revealed that it will also launch the game in Nintendo Switch this month, on October 19. Interestingly, this list of the ESRB also mentions the Switch version, which seems to suggest that the next generation update will be implemented near the Nintendo platform version. If Techland reveals a new release date for this patch at some time soon, we will make sure to inform you.

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