Call of Duty Vanguard Warzone Ricochet

According to recent reports, the source code was already lacted by the new anti-cheat software ricochet shortly after the announcement. As a result, the providers of cheat programs with the construction of the software can deal with their protection measures easier.

Only a trial version

However, this leak does not seem to be annoyed to Activision. If it goes to Anonymous industry insiders, the game publisher has expected that. Namely, a trial version of a certain number of users was made available before the announcement. This is to test the compatibility and system stability of the anti-cheat program. This is important in a kernel software because this has access to functions of the operating system.

Activision thus acquired that the source code of Ricochet lands on the net and the cheat providers will see through the first version. As long as it is not tested with a final version, the cheat developers only gain a small advantage. In addition, a public test for the publisher is more useful than if this is kept secret. This reveals Paul Chamberlain, who has worked on the anti-cheat tool of Riot Games.

Further information about Ricochet can be found here:

Whether Ricochet will ultimately achieve the desired effect will soon show. The anti-cheat software is used in the soon appearing WW2 shooter Call of Duty: Vanguard . Also in the F2P offshoot Call of Duty: Warzone the tool will be used and is probably rolled out with the introduction of the new map.

Only last week Activision Cheerern said the fight. The measures should be exacerbated in the future.

Source: Vice

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