Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League Fans hate Flash s new appearance

During the event DC Fandome today, Rocksteady revealed a new trailer of Easquidrón Suicide: Kill the Justice League . The video was completely different from the one that was issued last year, offering much more information about some of the characters that will appear in the game. Superman appeared once again, but this trailer also introduced Green Lantern and Flash. While fanatics seem to be digging John Stewart s appearance in the game, reactions to flash design have been much more negative. The disguise is a bit busy, adding an armor similar to the appearance of the character in the DCEU, as well as some strange-looking glasses. As a result, many fans resorted to social networks to share their disappointment with the design!

What did you think of the Suicide Ecuadrón: Kill the Justice League Trailer? What do you think of the new Look of Flash? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

Continue reading to discover what the fans say about the new Flash costume!

Flash does not need armor.

Supes and John are the only good designs of JL in Squad Suicide. The flash suit is simply a butt. He stops giving her armor hahaha.

  • Jay 火 (@doneholdingback) October 16, 2021

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Clearly, this was the lowest point of trailer.

The Flash suit in the suicide game Squad stinks.

  • The Goat ???? ™ aka (the Batman era ????) (@ justthegoat216) October 16, 2021

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Why get into perfection?

Flash looks so badly in the new game Suicide Squad

  • Ray ⋓ | ⚡Black Adam is here⚡flop Era (@rayismoonknight) October 16, 2021

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Everything else looked good!

Squad suicide game looks great

But flash costume in it looks like a NGL ass

  • Manny (@demonicnatsu) October 16, 2021

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«Strange» is a way of saying …

The flash looks strange in the suicide squadron

  • Stefon | D ???? Rkness (@darhknesss) October 16, 2021

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… ugly is another!

Flash design in the suicide squad game is ugly as hell ….

  • (@merakyle) October 16, 2021

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However, not everyone hates it!

Suicide Squad Mata to the Justice League with a flash suit that looks great. Flash game when?

  • Indie ???? ️⚡ (@that guy indie) October 16, 2021