Valorant The Retro Skin created by a fan who has fallen in love with the community

The community of valorant is increasingly active when creating content related to the game and, although the title universe does not lend itself to such varied ideas, there is always a safe value when it comes to getting to imagine. SKINS for weapons are passionate about players and there are few who have their own ideas of possible additions to the already many aspects launched by Riot Games. Creations that usually treasure great quality from between which the last model designed by a player has caught us.

Retro Skins we would like to see in Valorant

With a pixelated model and something rough that changes minimally the shape of arms, A player has shared the idea of ​​creating a series of retro designs who has fallen in love with the rest of the community members. Thousands of positive votes with a 99% approval that could well give a new idea to Riot Games on how upcoming ideas should explore. All the details, from the basic aspect to the visual effects or the animations, detailed in a very precise report of what this aspect would be like to reach Valorant.

The player responsible for design has taken some ideas existing in the game as the separation of the components to try to give him something more juice to an aspect that would operate similarly to the weapons of the Singularity family. However, it modifies the recharge effects to give an occurrence video game and has some very careful details in a panel in which the future accountant of statistics that will reach the game can be incorporated.

All the details are cared for, and the Member of the Valorant community in charge of the designs until it has taken into account the different variants of color that could be obtained with Radianita, offering other alternatives with orange, pink and blue as pigments Dominant

The only problem that this collection would have to get to Valorant is that of the form of weapons. Although they are easily recognizable, Riot Games has taken the determination to change them as little as possible to avoid confusion. A margin in which these pixelated forms may exceed. However, you would surely be ways to solve it to make these retro skins end up reaching the game.

Designs have been created by Rudra rival, who has shared it with the community via Reddit.