Pokemon Journeys finally brings Cynthia back to anime

POKEMON JOURNEYS: The series finally reintroduced Cynthia in the anime with the newest episode of the series! The most recent iteration in the series has reached a new phase as Ash continues to ascend through the Ultra Class of the World Coronation series. It has faced some hard enemies on their way up, and even some familiar faces of their past through the games so far, but will face some even stronger and more familiar faces while trying to make their way in the Top 8 of The Master Class.

This includes some royal champions of the Pokémon League, and although we have already seen some in action in previous episodes, the most recent episode of viajes pokemon officially brought back to Cynthia, the favorite of the Sinnoh League fans, to anime. His return not only confirmed that she is in fact part of the teacher eight, but some important seeds have also been planted for a possible union between the two in the future of the anime, since Ash still opens his way in the rest of the series of the world coronation in the future. Try to face the Champion of Galar Leon once again.

Our Pikachu is very happy to see again the Sinnoh champion ♥ ️ anipoke pic.twitter.com/3dkqxiq9db

  • サ ト セ レ (@ashandserena) October 8, 2021

Pokemon Sword and Shield Anime Episode 83 English Subbed

Cynthia returned to anime of Pokémon with episode 83 of viajes of Pokémon. In this episode, Ash and Goh are directed to the Johto region to investigate strange stories of a city that has been covered by the night sky and, surprisingly, the Two meet with Cynthia. Cynthia explains that, although she is a champion, she is also known for her archeology and research and had come to the Johto region to investigate the same. Seeing Ash once again, she reveals that she knows that he is in the series of world coronation (based on the previous mockery of Cynthia watching her battle with Volkner), and confirms that she is in the Eight Masters.

She then helps Ash and Goh to reach the bottom of what is happening, and can even look a bit in a battle with Garchomp later in the episode. It is not a great return, but it is an adequate reintroduction to the anime for the new fans who simply go to the series now and plant the seeds for their possible return to the series later in a much more combative capacity as part of Ash through the world coronation. Serie. But how do you feel about what Cynthia returns to the anime of Pokémon again? Let us know all the thoughts of it about it in the comments! You can even communicate with me directly about all animated things and other interesting things. @Valdezology on Twitter!