Peta asks Ubisoft to withdraw the rooster fights from Far Cry 6 by glorifying cruelty

It is well known that video games go through borders and reach areas that do not have to see a priori with them. In addition, titles like Far Cry 6, by its very nature, can generate more controversial than usual despite being a recreation of a fictitious region and history.

The recent release of ubisoft has been placed in the center of the target by a curious mini-game that includes between the usual variety of activities that we find for its open world. In it we can participate in Coast fights , choosing the animal we will control and our rival, to face us in a recreated struggle with the aspect of the classic games of the genre. This fact has caused the reaction of Peta Latino , the organization for the rights of animals, which considers that the work glorifies cruelty .

Convert Rooster Fights into a Mortal Kombat type video game is not Innovation Latino, in a statement Converting a horrible and bloody event as the rooster fights in a mortal type game Kombat is not any way a way Innovation, since Today s society is against binding animals to fight to death , says the statement that has distributed the press.

Reaching the 2b2t World Border Stream!

Roostering roosters in these terrible events are placed by sharp knives that make them shredder the meat and bones, leaving them with fatal and dying wounds. Peta Latino urges Ubisoft to replace this reprehensible mini-game with one that does not Glorify cruelty, he concludes.

Undoubtedly, the premiere of the sixth numbered delivery of Far Cry, which has a secret finish as the previous ones, has not left anyone indifferent. Beyond controversies and waiting for an official response, the game supposes the largest delivery of the saga and has a high amount of content, which can expand even more in the future through a probable multiplayer mode or video game. If you want to know what you have seemed to us in 3DGames, you can take a look at our Far Cry 6 analysis.