Cornerback Gilmore changes from the Patriots to the Panthers

According to US media reports, the Pats in return for Gilmore receive a six-round prick in 2023. Previously, ESPN had reported that Gilmore had been released from the contract after unsuccessful negotiations at New England. Cornerback Gilmore, Defensive Players of the Year Anno 2019, has missed the first season games injury. The 31-year-old Routinian, who plays in the tenth year in the NFL, had so far been elected four times in the Pro Bowl. Since 2017 he played as a free agent at the Patriots. Last, J. C. Jackson represented him in the Pats defense. The ex-champion, which last weekend was the Tampa Buchcaneers just under the former New England QB Tom Brady, came poorly from the starting blocks with only one victory in the first four games. Carolina, which has to solve personnel problems in the Secondary, is 3: 1. Gilmores comeback is expected in Week 9.