No chance for pirates 20 curious copy protection measures

To protect against illegal piracy, the video game industry has always found curry, but effective measures. We introduce you here the twenty most skurring copy\-protection-in-the-80s-showcased-by-classic-game-dungeon-master/&sa=U&ved=2ahUKEwiguIerxqnzAhV1LH0KHVUWA8kQtwJ6BAgDEAE&usg=AOvVaw0nUOXSY3wtqFqM5d3oiPF_” title=”copy protection measures”>copy protection measures.

Creative against pirates: copy protection in video games

The video game industry must already deal with pirated copiers since their early days . With the evolution of the medium and its data carriers, the piracy has always evolved – but on the other side, the pirated control measures were adapted and renewed.

As far as the copy protection standard is concerned, a whole lot has happened in the last 40 years – and many of the measures were not only effectively, but also pretty bizarre . In the picture line, we present the 20 kuriest measures at the end of this article, which should protect video games from illegal piracy.

Pirator without an opportunity against these protective measures

From The Secret of Monkey Island to GTA 4 – over all the years, pirated copiers have always tried to come back to copies of games while the developers have tried to prevent this.

While it was initially primarily protective measures that involved the general start of the game, the methods later refined more and more. Thus, measures were popular with unauthorized copies, which changed the gameplay for unauthorized copies and actively drilled pirated copiers – for example, by simply doing the game just before the showdown simply or certain mechanics as the goals did not work properly.

The 20 most creative and curious of these copy protection measures can you look at here in our picture line:

10 Most Ingenious Anti-Piracy Measures In Gaming

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