Bayers Wirtz formula the normal for the extraordinary

from Glasgow reports Stephan of Nocks

But how do you make as a club that a first 18-year-old will take the development in all the hype and hustle and bustle around him in the long run, which trust him all experts? How do you manage that not all the load rests on the shoulders of the top talent?

That s how Bayer protects and promotes the top talent at the same time

In front of the Europa League game on Thursday at Celtic Glasgow (21 clock, live! At Glasgow reports), Simon Rolfes explains how Bayer protects and promotes the flailer at the same time. The motto is the normal for the extraordinary. The club tries to master the spagat, by dealing with it quite normal and also in his development that was rapidly handled with him, explains Leverkusen s sports director.

Wirtz should not be understood

So you pay attention in the club that the teen is not too heavily burdened. For example, as Wirtz in the summer strangleration plagued. At the beginning of the season, when he had a few problems, we ve taken out him. Because we expand it reasonably, explains Rolfes. Already in the past season one has practiced this. Wirtz should not be understood.

This is physically like mental. This sense of security, try the personnel to convey the international. We also know, with all the quality he shows that there will be fluctuations. And he also knows that he has a club and people at his side, who support him in his development, but of course not brakes

Rolfes: He has great prerequisites for an outstanding career

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Rolfes and Bayer want to keep Wirtz in balance. To get the optimum out of the gifted, which all doors are open. What not only Leverkusen s sports director is aware. Of course he has great plants, but can continue to improve in things. He makes that very good. He has great conditions for an outstanding career. That s clear, judges ex-professional Rolfes.

Precisely because there is only the best forecasts from all experts for Wirtz, the sports director looks like the whole club. Nevertheless, he is a young guy, emphasizes Rolfes, which we need to promote accordingly, develop further, have to prepare for the tasks that are certainly before him. Like the Thursday at Celtic Park ahead of more than 50,000 spectators. A backdrop in front of which the boys never played in his career.