LOL Riot listen to the community and it is will be his new strategy to improve the old champions

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The Big Problem That League of Legends Must Fix

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The state of the old characters of League of Legends has become one of the most common discussion issues between the community. Many players consider it very practical that Riot Games decides to launch new characters while some of the old heroes are in a bad state and even came to raise the possibility that a recovery season was carried out in which the developer It was dedicated to carrying out improvements and reworks.

Riot presents his new strategy for the old characters

The developer s solution will not be as drastic as the proposal of the community. However, yes have given reason to players in which it is necessary to carry out changes in that regard. A strategic modification confirmed on the last Champions Road Leaf in which the creation of a new model called Illustrations and Sustainability Updates has been revealed. Something that, in profane terms, could be denominated as visual reworks .

With Caitlyn as the first candidate to receive this update after appearing in promotional videos of the company, the goal is for this practice as one of the League of Legends standards. Works similar to the one who has received Kog Maw during the current season when the developer updated his game model and visual effects to which a review will be added to the character splash arts or changes in audio and animations .

There are two key aspects to take into account with respect to these updates. On the one hand, they have wanted to reassure players by ensuring that the champions team will continue working on the complete reworks as the one you will receive Udyr. On the other, it is concretized that the changes will affect the basic model and the oldest skins of the characters of League of Legends, so that we should not expect great changes for freshly launched cosmetics.

Adding this situation to the new adjustment and balance strategy of champions characterized by changes in medium reach and those who have received Amumu, it seems that the developer at last has taken this suggestion of the community and directs his own Operation to rescue the old League of Legends.