Who has better statistics in Free Fire September 2021

Badge 99 and Lokesh Gamer are two major of India Free Fire Content Manufacturers. They are very liked in the community and their very large follower on Google s video-sharing platform.

At the time of writing, there are more than 7.72 million customers with 875.229 million ideas in the primary YouTube channel of Badges 99. Comparatively, Lokesh Gamer has a huge customer number of more than 12.7 million and 1.166 billion views.

Badge 99 Free Fire ID and Figures

Their free fire ID is 317768081.

lifetime statistics

Badge 99 has 8727 squad games on their name and 1519 first place with a win rate of 17.40%. He has 24023 murders in K / D ratio of 3.33.

Coming in Duo mode, he has played 2009 matches and the number of his victory is 187, which comes under the percentage of 9.30%. As part of the process, the player has noted 4350 frags for the 2.39 K / D ratio.

YouTuber has participated in 1151 single games and has won 84, which is in line with the win ratio of 7.29%. They have 2848 murders with the K / D ratio of 2.67.

Ranked Statistics

Badge 99 has just played seven squad games and is still to win in the running season. He killed 21 enemies, ensured the K / D ratio of 3.00.

Lokesh Gamer s Free Fire ID and Figures

Their free fire ID is 220528068.

lifetime statistics

Lokesh Gamer has participated in 3406 square games and has won 722, which has changed in a win percentage of 21.19%. With 6334 murders, the material manufacturer has 2.36 kill-to-death K / D ratio.

He has played a 1533 pair match and has achieved 153 Baihah, which is a win rate of 9.9 8%. In the K / D ratio of 1.88, he has 2599 pieces.

Lokesh Gamer has participated in 1313 singles games and has won 135, which is equal to the win ratio of 10.28%. He collected 2717 murders with 2.31 / D ratio.

Ranked Statistics

Talking about the current ranking season, Lokesh Gamer has played a single squad match and has eight goals. Apart from this, he has not played a ranking match.

Who has better statistics in Free Fire?

While comparing Lifetime statistics, Lokesh Gamer has maintained a better win in the three modes – Solo, Duo and Squad. On the other hand, Badge 99 has achieved better / D ratio of them.

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Compared to the ranked data can not be done as both YouTube users have not played a game in Solo and Duo mode and only participated in some squared matches.

Note: In this article, badges 99 and Lokesh Gamer statistics are subject to change because they play more matches in Free Fire.

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