Call of Duty maps with pieces of LEGO Thus some of the most popular of the Saga de Activision

We entered the final stretch of the year, which means that a new batch of common shooters reaches us. There is little left to enjoy Call of Duty: Vanguard and, to entertain the wait, some are able to take their skills to the limit for our personal enjoyment.

It is the case of Evghenii Loctev , who has dedicated a lot of his time to recreate the most mythical maps in the saga in a very original way: with pieces of Lego . He has done it in collaboration with Diamond Lobby , who have had the fantastic idea of ​​contacting the 3D Moldovan artist to give life, through the famous toy pieces, to the most recognizable places of the war franchise.

Designs have been prepared with the free BRICKLINK STUDIO 2.0 software. While it is true that it has not carried out its construction in reality, these designs made through the free software BRICKLINK STUDIO 2.0 resemble a lot To which we could see if we put us hands on the work. Help, of course, the wide library of pieces offered by the tool, as well as the fact that the catches are taken faithfully following the planes that we are on the load screens when we play.

The full list is made up of eight maps, all very recognizable by the fans of the saga. We have Castle, Crash, Firing Range, NuKetown, RAID, Rust, Slums and Terminal . Carrying out its physical construction would entail, as calculated in publication, a spending of thousands of euros per project, mainly due to the large number of pieces needed.

Remember that we have already tried Vanguard multiplayer. The launch of the video game of Sledgehammer Games is scheduled for the next November 5 and will be launched at PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC. In addition, in 3DGEGOS we have compiled five tips to help you succeed in the new activision title.