Kojima and Keanu Reeves could work together in the future

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A recent photo on Twitter of the famous Hideo Kojima game directors and Keanu Reeves surfaced. This has of course sent the Internet in a tumult. People are constantly speculating that both will work together on a match. Although rumors like this are generally devoid of meaning, it could actually tell the truth. Kojima recently declared publicly that he would be willing to work with the movie star.

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The next game of Kojima, Death Stranding, is filled with well-known actors. Their faces were also perfectly integrated into the game. We will not only hear their voices. If Reeves and Kojima decide one day working together, we should expect to see Keanu in all his glory. Do not provide the voice of a character.

Mads Mikkelsen has actually received a role in Death Stranding, more than Keanu Reaves. This was very close to happen before. Although it is with the other actor, Kojima pointed out that he was still valorized a lot of reeves as an actor. He even said that some members of his team preferred it to Mikkelsen.

It seems that we will get what we want possibly. Just not now.