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Nostalgieftor zero: Nine dissolved gamer problems

Not all modern video game innovations are popular with Gamern. What s new like Micro transactions, forced or exclusive pre-order bonuses, for example, do not have a particularly good reputation – and can not really be really meaningful.

Often, with a view to these modern gaming problems with the well-known earlier everything was better nostalgia reacted – but just as you should enjoy this statement in most other cases with caution, it is also related to Games More than questionable.

As proof, we have listed nine gamer problems, which are luckily extinct today – we have made life for hell at that time . From the modem complications to memory cards: Fortunately, these nine gaming annoyances belong to the past.

Technologyfrust: nine extinct gamer problems

The gamer problems of earlier generations were primarily, albeit not exclusively, to the technical limits of the former gaming hardware. The types of data and other components such as memory cards, displays, controllers or computer mice have luckily developed so much since the start times of the video game consoles , that you hardly have to worry about it today, but concentrate completely to gamble can.

Of course is not all perfect today – but at least you almost always save you when you want it and also realizes all the important details on your handheld screen in the dark.

Which of these gaming problems have added you at that time? Which now extinct gamer problems have we overlooked? And what annoys you most with today s consoles? Tell us your opinion in the comments!