What is the free fire id of Tonde gamer Statistics monthly income and real name detected

A free Fire Content Manufacturer of Nepal has made his name in the community due to his magnificent gameplay. The player has a huge customer number of 4.44 million and churneys the video related to the exciting game regularly with commentary.

In the last month, he has received 310K customers with 87.47 million ideas. Simultaneously, Bayah has more than 4 million followers, where they regularly stream the title.

What are the free fire id and statistics of Tonde Gamer?

Their free fire ID is 282951914. According to Nepali Fandem, his real name is Sarju. Tonde gamer figures Free Fire are as follows:

Ajven Stats

Tonde gamer has participated in Squad matches and has performed better than his opponents in 7032 games, resulting in 42.50% win rate. In this process, he has deposited 66057 pieces and retained the death rate of 6.95.

YouTuber has 1424 Booyahs in 6850 Duo game, which connects the ratio of winning 20.78%. With 26567 eradication, he has maintained the K / D ratio of 4.90.

The dreamer has participated in 337 9 single games and recorded the first place in 280 matches while entering a winning percentage of 8.28%. He has recorded 6871 Frags while achieving 2.22 K / D ratio.

Ranked statistics

Sarju has won 42 out of 88 squad matches, which is converted into a win rate of 47.72%. He is shy on 12.9 8 K / D ratio, a few pieces of 600 kgs.

Broadcaster has participated in 14 pair matches and has been undefeated in two, which is equivalent to a victory of 14.28%. For the K / D ratio of 3.75, he has 45 alimsions.

The material manufacturer has played 24 single games and remained unbeaten in two for the win ratio of 8.33%. He recorded 4 9 murders while maintaining 2.23 / D ratio.

monthly income

According to the Social Blade website, the hopes of earning in the range of $ 21.9k – $ 349.9k every month from Tolled Gamer. Youtube channel.


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Tonde gamer started with free fire content construction in February 2021 and successfully attracted players from his gameplay. He has deposited about 1000 uploads, which have been seen jointly 688 times.

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