PlayStation 4 Firmware 9 00 is ready that s in it

In the course of this morning, the PlayStation 5 with the new firmware 21.02-04 was considered, which brought various new features such as 3D audio support for TV speakers or improvements to the user‘s surface.

In parallel, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that today the PlayStation 4 has been provided with a new firmware update. This raises your PS4 system to version 9.00 and allows you to view your PlayStation 5 trophies now on your PlayStation 4 profile.

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What innovations as part of the PlayStation 4-Updates 9.00 are otherwise with the game, a look at the following overview reveals you.

PS4 firmware 9.00: The innovations in detail

Group owners now have the opportunity to dissolve a group without having to remove players individually.
If you are in messages from the owners of a group, you can delete them now. Open the options menu and then select [Delete group]. If you delete a group, it will be deleted for all members.
If you block someone now, you can also leave the group in which only you and he are at the same time. You will not leave any groups in which other players are included.
If a child requests the use of communication functions for a game, his parents or guardians receive a notification of the PS4 and PlayStation app.

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