How to get rugged avichaea tags in warframe

In warframe, you will need common avichaea tags to rank with the entrati union. To get them, you will need to focus on animal conservation on Cambion drift on Deimos.

What do you need

To catch the common avichaea, you will have to visit its in the necralalk and recover some objects. First of all, you will need a tranq rifle that you can buy for 500 standing. You will also have to buy a lure Avichaea from its for 1000 standing. The good news is that you do not need pheromones to catch this species of avichaea, because it is the most common you can find.

How to capture a common avichaea

Head to the Cambion Drift and take out your TRANQ rifle. Switch to the Avichaea Echo lure for only these sites appear on the map, and then go to one of them. When you get there, find animal excrement and interact with them, then follow the trail.

When you arrive at the nest, use the echo lure, then repeat the avichaea call and return to the Tranq rifle. This is where it becomes a little embarrassing, because the common avichaea is a flying animal. It means that it appears in the sky, not on the ground. Depending on your position, you may need to climb to see it, and it will not be the easiest shot to do with the Tranq rifle. Wait for the common avichaea starts to hover somewhere, then hit it with a trank trick. It is only necessary to catch this particular animal.

Remember that the Warframes with Invisibility facilitate the capture of animals, because the animal will not know that you are there.