What is the Free Fire ID of Romeo Gamer Figures monthly income real name and many more

Romo Gamer is a popular YouTuber in the Indian Free Fire Community which is famous for its entertaining live stream and highlight video. The user has deposited 2.2 million customers, which is 1388 in the country in the country. In the last 30 days, he has seen 10k customers and more than 3.402 million.

What are the Free Fire ID and statistics of Romeo Gamer?

Yuvraj Singh Tomar is the real name of Romeo Gamer. Their free fire ID is 13771 9 383. Player statistics in Free Fire are as follows:

Ajven Stats

Romo Gamer has participated in 16169 square matches and has made its opponents better in 5268 games, including 32.58% win rate. He has eliminated 52247 enemies, which has changed in the K / D ratio of 4.79.

NS YouTuber 4614 pair games are 648 times, resulting in a ratio of 14.04% win. In these games, he registered 15120 murders, achieving the death rate of 3.81.

Finally, Romeo Gamer participated in 5856 single matches and at 935 occasions, his opponents equal to 15.96%. He has recorded 24766 killings and maintained the K / D ratio of 5.03.

Ranked statistics

Romo Gamer has participated in 74 squad games and achieved 18 first positions while achieving a win rate of 24.32%. With 210ts, their K / D ratio is 3.75.

The player has won four out of 65 pair matches, which has been 6.15% of the victory. He has done 192 murders and has managed the K / D ratio of 3.15.

If you talk about couple matches, YouTuber has played 49 single games. Romo Gamer has been unbeaten four times, which is 8.16% victory. He has 178 pieces, whose K / D ratio is 3.96.

Note: Romo gamer figures within the game were recorded at the time of writing articles. These are subject to change because they participate in more games.


According to the Social Blade website, the monthly YouTube earnings of Romeo Gamer is estimated to be between $ 850 and $ 13.6K. Meanwhile, the annual income is estimated to be approximately $ 10.2k and $ 163.3.3.

Youtube channel

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Romo Gamer started his content construction in June 2019. And since then, he has more than 800, which has been seen more than 129 million times. In addition, he has made a huge customer base of 2.2 million.

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