Com2us 100 years war French tournament Kup de France

War Thunder's ULQ Problem
[INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT] Com2us (Representative Song Jae-joon, Lee) announced on the 14th that ‘Coupe de France’, the French competition of ‘Summer Nourners: Million War (Million War)’ .

Kup de France recruited participants from August 17th to 24th, and 64 players were played in tournament format at the present and wiring tournament on the last 11 days of Korea. The final champion occupied ‘Monkeydluffy’ athletes. He was a player who recorded the third place in the World Showdown, the Global Events Competition, which was held in August.

On the other hand, a hundred years of war is a real-time strategy battle game based on ‘Summers’ IP, Global Hitting. Recently, the World Conference is held as well as various regional competitions. In the mid-August, he held a friendly competition ‘Elite Cup S1’ for Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, and on September 12, he finished the ‘Church’ finalist in Taiwan in Taiwan.

In November, the first official World Championship 2021 (Lost Centuria World Championship 2021) ‘will be held. The preliminary issue will be held on September 25th to 24 hours and 24 hours a day, and November 7, the winning line will be on-line in the 13 countries in the world.