Who has better free fire statistics in September 2021

Alpha FF, which is also known as his YouTube Channel Alpha Frefire, a famous free fire content manufacturer. Their gameplay is highly popular among the video community, and currently they have more than 5.18 million customers.

Lokesh Gamer is another Indian Free Fire YouTuber, and his very large follower on YouTube. At the time of writing, there are more than 12.6 million customers on their channel, which includes 1.13 billion ideas.

Alpha FF Free Fire ID and Figures

Their free fire ID is 480101976.

lifetime statistics

Alpha FF 17455 has been included in Squad Games and has achieved 5611 first place, which comes with a win percentage of 32.14%. With 5438 9 forts, the player’s death-rate ratio is 4.59.

Meanwhile, the player has won 426 in 30 9 2 pair matches, which remains a win rate of 13.77%. In this process, Alpha FF has received 7949 frags in 2.98 / D ratio.

The material manufacturer achieved success in winning 330 in 4210 single games, which caused the ratio of victory 7.83%. He has 9346 kilos for 2.41 K / D ratio.

Ranked Statistics

Alpha FF has appeared in two Squad and Duo Rank matches and has accumulated three and five kgs, maintaining 1.50 and 2.50 / D ratio respectively.

YouTuber has also played Single Solo Games and killed a total of 26 enemies.

Lokesh Gamer’s Free Fire ID and Figures

Their free fire ID is 220528068.

lifetime statistics

Lokesh Gamer has participated in 3406 squad matches and has won 722 victory equal to 21.19%. They have 6334 murders for the K / D ratio of 2.36.

YouTuber has played 1533 games in Duo mode and has 153 times, which is translated as a win percentage of 9.98%. In the K / D ratio of 1.88, Lokesh Gamer has 2599 pieces.

The player has overtaken his enemies in 135 out of 1310 singles, which corresponds to the win ratio of 10.30%. With 2716 pieces, he has the ratio of death-death 2.31.

Ranked Statistics

Lokesh Gamer has played a single squad match and has scored eight goals. Apart from this, he has not played a ranking match.

Who has better statistics?

Alpha FF is ahead of Lokesh Gamer in Lifetime Duo and Squad mode. Lokesh Gamer has a win rate in single matches, while there is a better / D ratio in the former.

Alpha FF and Lokesh Gamer have played only a few ranked matches, so their figures are not comparable.

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Note: In this article, alpha FF and Lokesh Gamer statistics are subject to change because they play more matches in Free Fire.

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