Kojima wants to revolutionize the sector and create games that change in real time according to factors

Hideo Kojima has always been a somewhat peculiar character, but also a talent from another world. Throughout him he has always tried to innovate, and we have seen it for years. With mechanics such as the combat of Psycho Mantis , games like Boktai that depended on real sunlight or even with Death Stranding , with which he becomes ahead of the future.

Now, the creative has given an interview with an Asian middle an-An, in which he talks about the intentions of him for the future, dropping that he would like to create games that change in real time. The intentions of Kojima are, for example, that a game changes according to where that person lives and even of the particularities of each of them.

It may not be very clear, but Kojima himself explains him. It has to be something that changes according to where a person lives or how a person thinks. Hideo shows the aforementioned Boktai, since the cartridge depended on a sensor that he had to measure the luminosity and cope with vampires and other enemies. In this way, everything depended where now what time you played . So the intentions of it is to create a similar entity that connects the systems created by the human being and real life .

Death Stranding Director's Cut - Final Trailer | PS5
Ambitious, as always, it is expected if the technology and its ingenuity are capable of creating something like that with what to surprise the world again. At the moment, we know that Death Stranding Director‘s Cut, the new extended version of the last created by Hideo Kojima , will be available on September 24.