Development stunning of 50 million won Neop 2021

Neop will perform disclosure in 2021. We recruit talent on three digits in various unrealized groups such as planning, programming, graphics, business, technical support, and the web. Everyone who is interested in the field can be supported. The workplace is different depending on the Neoppsee headquarters and Seoul branch, located in Jeju.

DNF F1 2018 Ep.01: Tourney Superstars' Unique Experience in Jeju!

Document acceptance is received by Nexon Company’s recruitment homepage until 26 days, subsequent document review, sterling test, and interviewing. The final success will join in December. Neophari, said Neop, said, Neople is a place where the wonderful people of creating new fun, said Neop, saying, I asked for a lot of interest and support of talent to grow with Neop.

Meanwhile, Neop has released a popular online action RPG ‘Dungeon & Fighter’, which has about 700 million members around the world, and in addition to the Cyfrs , ‘Evil Factory’, ‘After Di End’ It has been shown. Neop is currently developing new projects such as ‘Overkill’, ‘Dungeon & Fighter Mobile’.

The Neop has developed a new temple first-year salary this year, upgraded by a stunning group of 5 million won and a non-employees of 4,500,000 units, and various welfare systems such as operations, welfare point payments, tuition support, welfare vacation, group injury insurance and health checkup I am operating.

In particular, in Jeju headquarters, it is a residential support system that provides a seamless tube adaptation to the smoothness of the person who is employed in other areas other than Jeju, Provides additional benefits.

In addition, in addition to the disclosure of each year, in addition to the disclosure of the Overkill Studio , it is actively contributing to job creation and future talent cultivation through steady recruitment and education program, such as employing talent on two digits and education programs. ‘Cleanlole’ Campaign, Jeju Area Nursery Graduate Graduate School Dormitory Dormitory Support, Eco-friendly Paper Envelope Support, and other social contribution activities for the community.

For more information on Neop 2021 disclosure, see Neop Public Work Homepage and Official Blogs.