60 year old half night play King Glory 5 Lunar killing was questioned Tencent statement System judgment is my

China recently sacrificed the anti-addiction measures, restrictions Non-adult people play online playing games time, and need strict implementation account real name system registration. Such new regulations, slowly let the rental account or use a potential situation using non-me accounts.

Recently, China has passed the 60-year-old man playing glory in the morning, there is still a small show, 5 kills, let people be suspicious, is not a true old player playing playing gamess .

This Tencent growth daemon is quite concerned, and quickly launches investigation. After 3 days of comparison, finally locked to 1 playing games account.

According to the Tencent Growth Guardment Platform in Weibo, the account has been judged from March last year to play the playing games, triggering 17 face recognition, but the full pass. In order to discriminate the system, it is indeed I . As for if there is a family member to recognize the face, it is not possible to judge.

In response to this case, Tencent shouted to parents and sells the seller of the account, indicating that the parents replaced the child’s face recognition , and hope that parents can improve the alert. If it is rental of the account generation , I hope that the relevant platform should not destroy the real-name system, or the vulnerabilities specified by the unnaugment.

Although there is indeed an account rental, the possibility of family assistance is, but some Chinese netizens believe that it is not necessary. Some people think that The elderly can’t play playing gamess, I am also ready to retire, enjoy secondary youth, also said I have already said I have already went a 60-year-old adult , and the elders who have lived in the universities are also playing playing gamess. Not at a few.