Which ones are the best areas in your favorite

Cool and varied areas are extremely important for MMOS and MMORPGs. You give the game world your face and have a big impact on the gameplay. Which areas in MMOS fathed her especially well?

The importance of good zones in MMOS can not be estimated high enough. They provide us the first impression of the appearance of a game, the opponents there and the general atmosphere. Accordingly, development teams often spend a lot of trouble in areas to make them cool and interesting.

That works more, sometimes less well. Gaming as a medium has meanwhile a lot of years on the hump and it has been established in games certain standard zones that you find in quasi every game: deserts, swamps, dense forests, mountains.

But again and again there are outliers in areas in MMOOS, which glow us really. These are zones where you get a real WOW feeling, for the first time you enter. Or maybe you will discover your advantages only if you spent a little more time there. In any case, there is a strong impression with us.

Do you fall into such areas in your favorite MMOs? I’ll take the start:

  • Destiny 1 – Hive Dreadnought: What did I love the stupid zone. It expresses everything after years, what Hive has made in D1. Dark, dirty, disgusting, disturbing and scary. I have always been really on the way, whether for Strikes, the Raid King’s Case or Court of Oryx. It is both gameplay and design and story technically one of my favorite areas in MMOS.
  • Destiny 2 – Dreaming City: Even if I was not a big fan of Forsaken in contrast to many others, the area was definitely a highlight for me. The optics combines elegant structures with battery corruption and is just great. The Lore behind it was also very exciting.
  • Lost Ark – The oceans: It’s a different kind of area, but the ocean map in Lost Ark just blew me up. There are so many activities that are fun and secrets that you can discover. My first encounter with a ghost ship will definitely not forget so quickly.
  • Final Fantasy Xi – Al Zhabi: That was hard. In FFXI every single zone is associated with special memories for me. But Al Zhabi is still my favorite thanks to the story of the city and the defeated mode. It was always a big event when the zone was overrun by monsters and the players had to ward away them together. A huge LAG festival that made a lot of fun even with defeat.
  • Final Fantasy XIV – The Tempest / Amaurot: In the area, everything is right. The reveal of it in the game was fantastic, the story behind the first class and the look is very cool. Even if there is little to do in the zone after completing all quests, I just like to hang off to make screenshots.

And how does it look like? Which areas in the MMOS, which you played sometimes, have remembered you especially in memory or what do you still like to visit? What is special about these zones? It can be cities, dungeons or open areas. Write us in the comments.

You can also post screenshots of the areas. For example, you can upload you on imgur.com and pack it in the comments. You will then be unlocked by us and automatically converted from the comment system.